Golf Performance – As Strong as Iron !
For some Golf can be seen as a pleasant way to spend some time with friends while enjoying a great sport, for others the Golf course can be seen as a place where business deals are done, while for many it is a competitive sport which is not to be taken lightly. No matter what level you play at, one thing is for certain, a stronger better prepared physique can only improve your game. A number of years ago, the world of Golf changed forever, with the arrival of a Golfer who could be described as a complete athlete, one that looked like he spent more time pumping iron than swinging an iron. That athlete was indeed Tiger Woods, who ultimately brought attention to both the physical and psychological requirements of the modern day Golfer coupled with an increased need to significantly improve fitness and strength levels within the world of Golf.

In comparison to many sports, you could be forgiven for believing the movements in Golf are natural and easy for the body to execute, however look a little closer and you realise the intricate details involved and physical pressure placed upon the skeletal and muscular systems. This becomes more apparent when you consider recurring injuries such as lower back and joint pain and delayed onset of muscle soreness that some Golfers often experience.
This is where the right type of ‘Golf Specific’ strength and fitness programme can provide significant improvements and health benefits. The ideal Golfers physique would have the following traits; Strength, Flexibility, Core Stability, Balance, Stamina, Range of Motion and Explosive Power. However the good news is, you do not need to become a Bodybuilder in order to achieve this.

So what is the best way for a Golfer to improve their physique?
There are some who maintain the idea that sport specific exercises are all you need, Eg. exercises that replicate the movement used during your swing. However, if you view a slow motion recording of a Golf swing, you can observe how the entire body works in tandem. Hence demonstrating the importance of whole body training as your foundation to strength and fitness, followed by sports specific movements that enhance performance of specific muscle groups.
Furthermore, the physical movements that make up the Golf swing involves both contraction and relaxation of opposing muscles known as antagonistic pairs, this is where as one muscle contracts the other relaxes. This can be observed with the simultaneous movement of the Quadriceps and Hamstrings. This is why it is vital not to neglect muscle groups both in terms of strength and flexibility, so your body can work in harmony.

It quickly becomes apparent how random fitness training is not the way to go for today’s Golfers, instead under the right guidance, a balance of whole body training that encapsulates fitness, strength and flexibility followed by Golf specific exercises would be ideal.

Luckily you are on the right website, keep your eye on this page regularly and be the first to know which exercises we recommend for you to improve your physique and ultimately enhance your Golfing performance!