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For those who don’t want fitness to be their life, instead want to be fit for life, then NeoGym is ideal. There are 10,080 in a week, invest only 90 of those minutes here with us and experience the difference it makes to your health, physique and life, as our personal trainers guide you every step of the way.

Our skilful team is committed to providing an exceptional experience for our members, while our personalised approach and uncompromising attention to detail allows us to surpass your expectations in terms of the results you achieve and the quality of service you enjoy. . .


Cath Dockrell


Cath has a wealth of knowledge and experience helping her clients achieve their fitness goals and currently oversees all training programmes undertaken at NeoGym. Cath has a passion for fitness in many forms, from Canicross to kickboxing and of course resistance training. With the focus of her own training being on strength and explosive power so that she is always ready to pull the trigger on her knockout punch. If she misses, her Doberman Elsa will save the day!
Cath works closely with our members mainly by way of our in depth assessments which ensures we are doing all we can to help our members progress and enjoy their time here with us. Time is precious, so why not spend it in environments which are pleasing to all the senses, Cath has accomplished this here at NeoGym, she has produced a gym environment like nothing you have ever experienced, well why not come in and see it for yourself. Once you are a member you’ll have Cath on your side, making the most challenging of fitness goals become achievable.

CATH’S ADVICE: I don’t believe it is purely about the goal, I believe it’s about the experience along the way that adds to your life. . .

Richard Morrissey


Richard Morrissey is the co-founder of NeoGym Ireland, which is based in Clontarf, Dublin. On the subject of weight loss Richard has given hundreds of talks, through workshops and seminars, in addition he has done countless 1 to 1 sessions within NeoGyms weight loss clinic, which specialises in utilising behavioural change techniques from the field of clinical hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and psychology, hence the renowned NeoSlimOnline programme was born, which provides a mental approach to sustained weight loss.

Richard is also the supervisor of NeoGym’s athlete programme, where a team of personal trainers work on enhancing physical performance through nutrition and workout programmes, while Richard addresses the mental aspects of peak performance.

As well as working with high-achieving amateur athletes, he specialises in working with professional athletes to successfully perform in high-stakes environments by empowering his clients to control psychological states, increase concentration and thrive under immense pressure. Richard is committed to ensuring his clients boundaries of performance are pushed beyond their perceived limits, and with this in mind he created “Side Effects Series” , a six part hypnosis audio programme like no other, this powerful psychological tool is used by champion athletes around the world, to help cultivate the winning edge. There is always a lot of excitement around Richard’s work, so watch this space.

RICHARD'S ADVICE: Do something different, make something happen. Join us today. . .

Gillian Barker


Gillian was once where you are now, she too made the decision to join NeoGym and also completed the NeoSlim programme, thanks to her hard work and dedication she experienced amazing results that positively impacted all aspects of her life. Gillian has a strong desire to help people to improve their lives and went on to study and qualify as a personal trainer, she is now an integral part of our team. Through her effortless gentle approach Gillian inspires our members daily by being an example of what is possible.

Gillian is the epitome of what a top-class personal trainer should be, because she understands your concerns, fears, hopes and goals, and has the tools to help you create similar personal transformations in your life.

GILLIAN’S ADVICE: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Mark Coyle


Mark is a top class personal trainer, who has a passion for fitness and is committed to ensuring our members are having an enjoyable gym experience, while still progressing rep by rep, day by day.

He is known to be very good at helping new members feel at ease and due to his relaxed friendly manner became very popular with those who have in the past been nervous in traditional gyms .

Mark has worked with clients from all walks of life, from those with a goal of losing half their body weight, to those who required the gaining of substantial muscle and strength for a range of sports.

He himself knows about the challenges faced by many of our members, as he went from a weight of 20 stone to a healthy 13 stone, while still achieving a lean, strong physique, which puts Mark in the perfect position to motivate those with a similar goal.

Marks passion for fitness ranges from playing football to running and cycling, with his favourite being heavy weight training, while also having a particular interest in how natural food supplements can complement ones training and nutrition and how if used correctly can produce better results. Mark receives a lot of questions from people on the subject of supplementation, and is happy to advise which ones are wise to take and which should be avoided based on your goal.

Although Mark still occasionally does battle with his Cadburys Cream Egg addiction ;-). . .

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