What makes NeoGym so exceptional - The 3 Tiered Approach

Your Physique

Each and every body is unique, with your body having a particular set of strengths and capabilities along with its very own challenges, hence it is vital to train the right way with correct technique and more importantly the right way for you.

Your Psychology

Psychological processes significantly influence ones moment to moment choices and behaviours resulting in a cumulative effect, which ultimately impacts on the persons health and ability to break through plateaus in terms of physical transformation.

Your Nourishment

Good nutrition is essential for a healthy body, therefore it is the foundation of your NeoGym program as well as it being a preventative measure against a number of human health problems.

G4 Athlete Programme


Enhance your sporting performance by spending only 90 minutes a week at NeoGym

There are a
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G4 Golf Programme


Why train like an Amateur when you can train like a Pro

Top level golfers have raised the
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G4 Post Pregnancy Programme


Congratulations, you’ve had a baby!

So many mothers are eager to get their body back aft
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G4 Weight Loss Programme


Love your body

This programme is about more than just losing weight; it is about creating
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